Tuesday, 4 January 2011

We're Currently...

..packing like we've never packed before!

Check back regularly for updates once we set off.


  1. Happy honeymoon to you both! Have an excellent time, and I am looking forward to reading your blog entries! :-)

  2. Ahoj Honeymooners!

    Your world cruise seems to be fantastic! What a way to spend honeymoon! And we thought with Michael that Saint Tropez, Monte Carlo and Cannes were places hard to beat at honeymoon and look at you! :-)
    We hope you have a lovely time and are looking forward to meet up with you soon when you get back so that you can tell us all about it!

    I have also some news to share and why not to share it with everybody here: I am just over 3 months pregnant, just had my 12-weeks scan and everything seems to be ok. So we are obviously very happy! :-)

    See you soon!

    Marketa & Michael