Friday 7 January 2011

The quest for connectivity

I'll be honest, I was never looking forward to the prospect of being cut off from the online world while travelling the world, but it looks like my fears were unfounded.  Even in the middle of the Atlantic ocean offers some connectivity options, such is the pervasive nature of the Internet.  Mind you, it comes at a price, and there are no guarantees of speed or reliability either.  So we signed up to the ships Internet connection today,  sold a few clothes we should never have bought, and extended the mortgage, all so that we can update you and make me feel more relaxed!  If you're reading this, then it has been a success!

For those interested, it uses a satellite connection, with all the latency and bandwidth constraints associated with that.  There are computers in the library and cyber cafe for you to use, and also WiFi in selected public areas, with APs from Cisco <sigh>.  It's charged on a per minute basis, so using it at quieter times of day or night helps get more speed for your money.

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