Thursday 20 January 2011

I blame the Captain!

A couple of days ago, we received a note in our “post box” just outside the cabin, to invite us to drinks with the Captain.  He requested “the pleasure of our company” and the drinks were free so how could we refuse?  It started at 8pm, only 30 minutes before our dinner sitting, so we got ready for dinner (only a casual night tonight) and headed forward for the reception.  It was quite a personal affair, I would estimate around 30 other people, all of us standing around under the stars, on a warm evening.  We got chatting to a First Officer, a relatively young Finnish guy who had only just joined P&O after being Captain on other passenger and cargo ships.  As the wine kept being presented to us, we ended up talking exclusively to him for a full hour, the captain doing the rounds, saying hello and making sure we were all happy every now and then.  Very pleasant indeed!  We turned up 30 minutes late to dinner, and jumped straight to the main course, and afterwards headed to the top deck where a party was in full swing.  Every now and then, a deck party is held in the open deck bar at the aft of the ship, and so far they’ve been good fun.  Usually a live band will play, and DJ Rob will fill in.  As we walked in, we saw that the First Officer we were talking to earlier was also there.  After a few more drinks, he was dancing with us too, throwing some impressive shapes, and I think we have another good ally now in the officers circle!!  The night got messy after midnight, DJ Rob jumped into the pool, wearing his themed 60s/70s outfit, and Katie met a lovely girl, who ultimately turned out to be a bad influence – in the nicest possible way!  

Well, the combination of free wine from earlier in the evening, warm weather and good music mixed very well, and after Katie and her new friend ended up in the pool still in their dresses, I couldn’t resist either (the pool, not the dresses).  Well, you have to try everything once!  I took off my shoes and emptied my pockets first of course, I’m not that impulsive!  Jean threatened to join us all, but in the end, just took photos of us making fools of ourselves!  Afterwards, we squelched and dripped our way back to the room, and collapsed into bed.  So far today, we haven’t been recognized, or had any official “inappropriate behaviour” letters under the cabin door!!


  1. "inappropriate behaviour" results in being caste adrift near to some forgotten Pacific island where the locals are so welcoming they invite you FOR dinner. :-)

    Looking forward to hearing about the formal night...hopefully not from the deserted Pacific Island.

    Lots of love,

    Dad and Ali

  2. love it!!! rock n' roll people rock n' roll!!!! =)