Friday 30 September 2011

How is Pension in Old Bakery is being born?:-)

Here are some pictures from reconstraction of part of my Mum's house. It is still long way to go,but slowly and step by step it is coming together. It is good to see this growing and I hope my Mum feels also good and is not too stressed with all this massive project. I hope we can also help as much as we can to make this dream come true:-)
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Thursday 18 August 2011

We are pleased to welcome Pango (Pango the Tiger)!

After having a great opportunity to have this lovely 10weeks old kitten for a few days at home to see if he fits our life, we had to give him back for a few days. As you might agree having a pet is a great amount of responsibility for very long time,so not sure why we were not able to commit at once. When Pango was gone,it felt quite empty without him and even Chris missed him. We decided to bring him home, this time for real. However, when I came to see when we can pick him up, I was told by his owner that they want to keep him now,as their children got really attached to him and they did not feel commitment from our side.

I was shocked, crossed and very upset at the same time. When I came home I told Chris that we can't have Pango back and started crying. It felt really heartbreaking when we realised that we won't be ours anymore. As I was very said and missed Pango around, I went to see him and also send a message to his owner just explaining how we felt and why we did not commit to him before. I was not holding my home too high that something can change, but after the family had a chat with the kids, suddenly on Tuesday, 16th August 2011, the lovely lady turned up at our door and brought Pango to us and said we can keep him. She was also almost crying when she was leaving as he is such a georgeous little felow.

Pango was born on full moon night, 17th May 2011, that why he is so special! He just turned 3 months yesterday and tomorrow he will need to see a lovely vet for his second injections. We named Pango after our favourite place in the middle of Atlantic ocean, which is very beautiful and amazing. It was not on a list of all Lionels, Sebastians, Jaspers, Frankies (that is a Koala bear after all!), Quincies and so on,but it somehow sticked with him. Chris' 2nd favourite was Columbus, so maybe you can welcome with us Pango Columbus Devereux to our family and wish him all the best for years to come. He is just sleeping on my lap and he is all you can wish for from a cat. I'd like to thank ours friends from#50 for letting us have him, he makes our life very happy. If you come visit us you will meet Pango in person. But hurry, he is super cute as a kitten, so don't miss out!! XXX
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Saturday 18 June 2011

Chris' Birthday weekend by the sea

Today we are having fun in Southend on Sea. Going on the biggest pier in the world, maybe even go on rides which are in the Adventure Island. We are now standing on the longest pier in the world,it is about 1.5mile/2km long. It is very windy and we got some rain as well,sees like gail wind. We are enjoying the weekend and even having some sun shine! :-) xx
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Saturday 2 April 2011

Some pictures from on board

Before we manage our all picture on the real camera and maybe even cut togeter some video,just a few picture of people and places on our ship. Enjoy and stay in touch, we might be starting another blog soon,where we might need your help:-)
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A few photos from our visit to Rome

As we now have a decent Interner connection,here are some photos we took in Rome,which was our last stop before Southampton. Just thought we would share them,as it feel a bit sad to just leave our blog die out. So if anyone is still following this,please enjoy! K+C x
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