Saturday 2 April 2011

Some pictures from on board

Before we manage our all picture on the real camera and maybe even cut togeter some video,just a few picture of people and places on our ship. Enjoy and stay in touch, we might be starting another blog soon,where we might need your help:-)
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  1. Hi

    have just found your Blog. We were on Arcadia with you from UK to Brisbane. We had sailed to UK from Brisbane on P&O Oriana. It is amazing how, after being on a ship for 6 weeks, you realise that there are many many people that you have never seen before - We do not recognise your faces.

    I also kept a Blog of our "Round the World " cruise on two ships -

    We had a wonderful time and now it is hard to get back to "normal" life. We are pleased to have found your Blog - as now we can see how Arcadia progressed back to the UK after we left her.

  2. Hi Barry,
    It's nice to hear from fellow passengers, but I agree, strange that we don't recognise you either!

    It was interesting reading your accounts of the ports we visited, and I enjoyed your comparison of the ships. This was our first cruise, and so we had to take Arcadia for what she was, not necessarily a bad thing.

    Do you happen to have any pictures from our stormy first few days? I think we were a little pre-occupied and unfortunately didn't take any.

    Good luck getting back to normal, we are finding it equally tough if that is any comfort!