Friday 12 October 2012

Croatia Dubrovnik - October 2012

This trip was not certainly a holiday as Chris had to work 5 out of 7 days we have spent in lovely Croatia. I managed to relax and catch a bit of late summer sun and I am so happy I could come along to discover for both of us this new country. From what we have see it is a really beautiful part of the world, the coastline could be almost seen as European Fiji as there is so many islands dotted around the coast, no wonder that Dubrovnik is called an Adriatic Pearl! People around here are helpful and friendly, yet still scared by the recent war. The Old town itself looks very sureal, it is very pretty and with all its historical buildings and narrow streets, it looks almost like a film set rather than a real town. We have seen many cruise ships stopping for a day visit in the port of Dubrovnik. Cruise Passagers can grow the population here by even 20,000 people during the day, as 2-5 cruise ships stop here in the same day! It brings some money to Dubrovnik, however from speaking to some locals it is not really that great as many one-day-turists don't spend any money with local business. Tourism is the main income in this part of Croatia that why it is crucial for local people having jobs. We can see it is getting very quite at this time of the year. By the beginning of November there will be almost no direct flights from Europe as many of them don't start again until April. Many lovely restaurants will close, hotels will be half empty and many businesses will have to survive with almost no income until April next year. Still, it is a nice image of Dubrovnik being quiet and the life will take much slower pace. Maybe this is good for local people in some ways. They can rest and get ready for next busy season. We have liked Croatia and hoping to be back to explore a bit more of this country. Here are some picture from this lovely town that should be on a list of everyone who wants to discover Balkan region and Southern part of Europe! As the Lonely Planet guide might call it, a definitely a Must See Destination!

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