Thursday 6 January 2011

Our first day at sea

Today (Thursday) was our first full day at sea, and I'm writing this from bed at the end of the day, currently being tossed around, jolted and bounced as we head through a force 8 towards the Azores.  (Ignore that, the wind increased to Force 11 through the night!)  We knew it wasn't always going to be plain sailing in the truest meaning, but I sure (shore) hope it will flatten out for some of the journey at least!  Still, it made for interesting Waltz lessons earlier today as we attended one of the many organised activities.  With around 40 people crammed into a room trying to learn the Waltz we were all on the "3" of the "1-2-3" when the ship lurched and we all missed the step and lost time with the music.  They never get that problem on Strictly!

In fact there is so much going on every day that we get a daily newspaper that gives us all the details.  I'd had my eye on a talk/lecture by a guest speaker, a current airline pilot, which started at 2pm.  Even for a self confessed airplane geek, like me he was an interesting chap, although his talks over the following few days will hopefully go into a bit more detail.  I'll keep you informed! 

Finally today, we started our gym regime, a gentle start for me.  The gym is at the sharp end of the ship (we're calling it that for now because it's easier) which means it moves around a bit more than average, mostly up and down.  Walking on the deck is difficult enough as the floor falls away beneath your step but It was worse walking on the treadmill (I don't do running) while the ship bounced around underneath me.  You had to hold on, or you'd be off in a flash!  On the positive side, I think I've found a  cure for motion sickness.  If YOU keep moving, then your body doesn't know the ship is moving!

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