Sunday 9 January 2011

Hoping all is well back home

Although we've found Internet connectivity, we've not really been able to spend much time checking emails and my phone is not working on the ships GSM network, so we're both hoping that all is well back home, that you're enjoying the updates, and we're sending our love. I hope that once in a port (any port will do, but it won't be until next Thursday), that we'll be able to upload a couple of photos to the blog to make it more interesting.  Please keep leaving comments, it helps us to feel in touch. x


  1. Hello honeymooners,

    we just caught up with your blog ...looks like you can take part in the next Stricly Come Dancing with all you lessons! Enjoy the calm sea!

    Nadine and Chris X

  2. Sat in the office on a Dull January day wishing I was at sea as well.
    Sounds like you are have great fun, who would have thought you would get a roller coaster ride thrown in.
    Keep the blog coming and of course if bump into any suitable babes be sure to pass on my CV ;-)


    Jamie x