Friday 7 January 2011

The first casualty

Last night was not much fun unless you like feeling weightless one minute and twice as heavy the next.  The winds last night increased to  force 11 according to the captains' morning roundup and we are still being bounced around like you would not believe.  We had to reduce speed, which means we are not going to make Ponta Delgarda in the Azores.  Disappointing, especially as we were both looking forward to seeing the islands and spending a bit of time on dry land.  Instead we've set a course directly for Barbados.  Those people who did venture out of the cabin all looked like they were drunk, staggering around from left to right, and even in the cabin this morning, we had cups, milk and trays of stuff flying around and sliding off the table.  Even the wardrobe door swung open of its own accord, and that's spring loaded!  The good news is that it should be a smoother ride from here onwards. Fingers crossed.  


  1. happy sailing then huh???? I have an idea however to help with your predicament! drink...alcohol...and lots of it! therefore when you stagger along the deck/corridors you'll be staggering in unison with the big boat! problem solved huh! =)

    hope your sailing has settled today.

    KA & C

  2. Despite everything we are pleased to read that you are keeping your spirits up! Hopefully the weather is now warmer and the sea less active. Never mind, put your feet up and open another bottle! You can make good use of the time at sea to perfect your Strictly techniques. Lots of love and happy sailing. Dad & Ali xx

  3. Thanks Guys, we like your suggestions :)