Friday 21 January 2011


After 2 more days at sea, we arrived into Acapulco at about 8.30am. We'd booked an excursion already so we met in the theatre to be given a sticker and a lollipop and were told to walk hand in hand to the waiting coaches. After a couple of picture stops we arrived at a beautiful beach club resort where we'd be releasing baby turtles into the wild. They had been bred in captivity and were given a helping hand by a charity. You might be able to see a photo in Katie's blog post, but they were tiny things, quite cute too. We had to name them, and let them smell the sea before releasing one each onto the beach before they entered the sea a few meters later. Mine was George or Georgina, Katie's was Amal or Amalka. You can't tell their sex until they are 3 years old so you have to give them 2 names so they don't get teased!

After a really nice Mexican lunch and a couple of obligatory Corona beers, we could relax for a while before returning to town. We decided to ask the coach to drop us off in the town so we could walk back slowly to the ship. So we spent the afternoon walking along the beach and stopping for the odd beer here and there. It was hot but not as humid as it was in the Caribbean.

In the main, the Mexican people seemed very friendly. We must have said "No Gracias" about 50 times as people tried to sell things, but they were not too persistent, leaving you alone. The city itself is not the celebrity haven it once was, although there are some lovely houses with beautiful views, it also has a scruffy feel in places, much many other cities i guess. There is also a lot of development still going on with new golf courses, resort accommodation etc.

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