Sunday 9 January 2011

Partying Mid-Atlantic

With it being Saturday night, we thought we ought to start acting like people on holiday, so after dinner last night, we set out to enjoy the cringe-worthy cheese-fest that was Deal or No Deal in the Globe Theatre.  With proper red boxes, a camp host and 250 pounds worth of on board credit up for grabs, it was set to be a real nail biter.  In fact it turned into a battle between Australia and the UK.  The chap in the seat won 100 pounds in the end.

Electra is the disco on board so we popped our head in to see what was happening in there.  Our friend Rob DJ was in charge of the music and was taking requests from the 20 or so people in there.  We ordered ourselves a Mojito each and danced into the early hours.  It was getting late when the other entertainment act from that evening wondered in to Electra.  They were the Beatles tribute act that had been performing earlier in the theatre (the one we didn't go to, but don't tell them that).  One way or another we ended up chatting to them at the bar, a really nice bunch of guys, most of whom are getting off at Barbados and flying back to the UK, with one of them staying on the whole trip as a guest of P&O because he's playing the piano each night.  Nice work if you can get it!

We woke up this morning with a dry mouth but nothing more serious.  The weather has noticeably improved overnight, it's about 19C so t-shirts are now abundant and I'm currently sat in the Aquarius bar at the aft of the ship while Katie is swimming in the pool in front of me.  She is known to be a bit crazy when it comes to getting into cold swimming pools, but she assures me that the temperature is "lovely" and the water in the pool is no longer sloshing over the side.

It's the first formal night tonight with welcome drinks with the captain later, we're looking forward to that.

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  1. ....your next update better be telling us about your dinner invite to the Captains table!!!!!!!