Sunday 13 February 2011

German Pub in Sydney - Christmas Tree - Leaving Sydney :-)

It is just before midnight and Arcadia is ready to leave and set sail again very soon to reach Brisbane just in two nights and one day. We have had wonderful 2days and a great evening and now we have to continue our journey! Just a few pictures before we leave from German pub and few others from Sydney this evening! xx
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  1. They're big beers! Sydney looks great, it's a shame you can't be there for longer than two days. A strange thing since starting to follow your cruise blog is that I am now dreaming about big ships nearly every night. Very odd. One question I have though is how come with so much time to think of your cruise before you set sail, did Chris forget to pack a razor? :-)

  2. It's a good job well aren't travelling by plane then Mike :) I thought you were a fan of the beard, i may have to shave it now, what do you think?

  3. We had neglegted reading your blocks a bit not being home ourselves ... but we are catching up and I must say 'THOSE GERMANS GET EVERYWHERE!' We love your pictures, don't stop enjoying every second of it!
    Nadine and Chris