Sunday 11 March 2012

1 months at the Bee Edge Home

It has been 4 weeks since we moved into our new home at the Bee Edge Farm.We have been slowly settling in and making this new house feel like a home and we are getting there,but we are on the journey and it will all take some time to make everything as we want it.I guess it is fine as we need to enjoy the time and the journey we get there,as if we had everything just from the start it would not feel the same. Chris managed to make a very good start on our new shed as it will be coming in 2weeks it needs a very good and robust base,so he is very good at it and making it happen for us.As the wind is quite strong here,we need to make sure we build the shed to last and Chris is doing it the right way the first time,so soon we will have space for our bikes,garden chairs and the new lawn mower as well. Our Pango was properly out without our supervison for the first time today!! He was doing well and I think we were both more nervous than he was! He was out probably for 3hours and he seemed to really like it! He even had an encounter with Max (Will's and Carol's dog) and they both survived fine. Pango also managed to open the utility door and escape once when we did not know about it,but we found him OK,so hopefully he will be now getting used to outside more and more and he will stay safe and so will the birds and the dogs near to our house. This evening around 6pm we went for a little walk,just to stretch our legs and admire the view and the sun set.We found our small binoculos,so it was fun to see a bit closer the objects far away. When we were coming back, our nearest neighbourhs June and Dave caught us on the way and said they have our house warming present for us, a lovely bottle of champagne, and why don't we drink it at theirs! We were a bit caught on a spot,but what a lovely invite,so it would be very rude to refuse! We loved their company and enjoyed our present in their conservatory which has got just magnificent views! It got slowly dark and we were talking about the local walks and what can be done in the neighbourhood,we just really enjoyed it and were amazed by all the possible places to go and things we can see. We wanted to go home and have some dinner,but June and Dave very unexpectedly invited us to stay for dinner,which we did and it was very lovely.We enjoyed the food, the Christmas puding and talking about art, travelling and all sorts. It was just really nice and unexpected evening and June and Dave are just great fun and company. Few hours later with lots of leaflets with local attractions in one hand and June's legendary carrot and orange soup in other hand we were walking home admiring all the stars above our heads. It was pitch black and the wind was blowing very gently and we felt that this place is starting to feel like a real home! We still miss all our friends and family,but we know they will come to see us soon and it will make this whole experince of our new home even better! We can't wait and really looking forward to what our new home wil bring next :-) We feel so lucky, happy and greatful to be here......we almost could not wish for more.
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