Thursday 1 March 2018

Start of The Great Caribbean Adventure 2018

The worst snow in 50 Years!? Only History might tell.

Wow, what a week! We are still in this very strange blizzard, so the history might even change this to the worst 100! Depends on which newspaper do you believe! ;-) Never the less, I want to just repeat this, what a week it has been!!!

As the start of this trip was born in my dear friend's Kendy head in May 2017, well this is when she told me about her idea and ask if we could go and travel somewhere hot and exotic, somewhere she has not been to and she could create some memories to last her the lifetime. The idea was in the making since then, but only November 2017 brought a bit of reality to this pipedream and I suggested to Kendy we go on a cruise!! She did not take much to warm up to the idea and then I started to feel the responsibility to deliver this dream holiday for her and me!

Well, back to last week now, probably exactly a week ago I started checking the weather and the horrific forecast of monumental blizzard coming our way, started to appear in media likes Express, Mirrow and others. I was told by Chris, every time I started to get a bit excited we are going to have some snow, that I could not believe what I am reading in those papers. However, last week it was a bit different, as other media very quickly started to pick up on that weather story.

Last Friday, I felt I need to book another ticket for Kendy from Prague, just in case her flight was delayed. So she had now two flights booked for the 1st March, one with Easy Jet at noon going to Gatwick and the second one for the 1st March going to Heathrow in the evening....well, we now had a plan B, surely we were now bullet prove, right? Hmm, not really. By Sunday evening ( 25th February) I was already texting Kendy that things are not looking good and I am very worried about the snow that is coming towards the UK.

Bear in mind that by then we still have not seen a single snowflake, and it actually was very dry and sunny weekend. So just before I went to bed, I texted Kendy to say, we have to think about moving her flight to the 28th February to give ourselves a bit more time to get to Gatwick. I knew this will change her plans, as she already had her train booked to get to Prague and flights with Easy Jet are not that easy to change, ironically!! Well we had to do something, right!?

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